Understanding documents for sea shipments in under 3 minutes

Let SKOOTAR handle your import documents professionally, punctually, and smoothly.

Typically, someone who wants to import goods by sea would spend half a day or even a whole day handling paperwork. Time wasted on this can prove to be costly to the business. By choosing SKOOTAR as your partner, our professional and well-trained messengers can help alleviate this problem diligently.

For those who wish to collect their imported goods, but are unsure what documents they need to prepare, we have your answer down below.

  1. Original import declaration (Kor.Kor..99/1)
  2. Product release order (Kor Sor Kor. 100/1)
  3. Invoice
  4. Packing details account (Packing)
  5. Bill of Lading (B/L)
  6. Insurance Premium Invoice
  7. License or authorization letter for imported controlled goods
  8. Certificate of Origin in case of requesting a reduction in the duty rate
  9. Other documents such as documents showing the mix Product features and uses, etc.

With these many documents required of you, a substantial amount of time is spent; not including the time spent handling with B/L and D/O permissions. Our messengers are professional, well-trained, and are highly experienced in handling importation by sea documents for over 7 years. 

Think wisely, and allow SKOOTAR to assist you with the time-consuming bureaucratic paperwork so that you can spend your business time efficiently.

Simply download the SKOOTAR app via Google Play, Apple Store, or by visiting our SKOOTAR website, and have your documents handled in no time.

For additional subsequent time you choose SKOOTAR to help you with your documents, try our new feature “Favorite Mess.” You can choose your favorite SKOOTAR messenger to handle your documents again. Our professional and trained messengers, remember your previous orders, so you no longer have to repeat them, further saving your time.

For an entrepreneur, like yourself, with many important decisions and very little time, allow SKOOTAR to assist you.

Let handling documents and bureaucratic paperwork, no longer be of an issue.