Privileges for The Viriyah Insurance customers

  • Professional messenger services. Handle documents, Cheque collection by our professional and well-trained driver who passed a criminal background check.
  • Express delivery, distribute parcel from warehouse and deliver big items by various vehicle.

    Get discount 50 baht (3 times) for new users.

    when booking SKOOTAR delivery by motorcycle, car, pick-up and pick-up car.


    Click for get privileges on LINE Official Account

  • Discount 50 baht (3 times) for SKOOTAR new users when use SKOOTAR delivery by motorcycle, cars, pick-up and pick-up truck.
  • This discount can be applicable for services from Jan 1,2024 – Dec 31, 2024.
  • SKOOTAR serve around Bangkok and vicinity.
  • Shipping costs will increase from the starting price according to the distance. If customers use additional services, you can check the price – before actually using it on the website and applications.
  • Get privileges on The Viriyah Insurance only.
  • Click for get privileges on LINE Official Account
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  • Delivery time depends on traffic conditions and climate while on delivery process. There may be cause delivery delays.
  • Reserve the right for customers who receive regular shipping rates only.
  • Terms and conditions are according to the company.