SKOOTAR give Privileged for KCC customers

For new customers received a 50 baht discount* (2 times /Skootar member/item) when using the service for the first time.

By specifying the discount code KCCNEW24

For existing customers when booking delivery gets 7% discount for unlimited* use of the service.

By specifying the discount code KCCEX24

See more detail :

  • The promo code is valid from 1st Jan 2024 to 31 Dec 2024.
  • New users use KCCNEW24 promo code to enjoy 50 baht for 2 times.
  • Promo code KCCNEW24 can be applied to a delivery documents, food, and parcel by motorcycle, car and Pick-up car.
  • Existing users use KCCEX24 promo code to enjoy unlimited 7% discount.
  • Promo code KCCEX24 can be applied to a delivery documents, food, and parcel by motorcycle, cars and pick-up car.
  • Reserves the right for customers who receive regular shipping rates only.
  • Limited redemptions available.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Promotion applies to SKOOTAR orders within the service area in Bangkok & metropolitan only.
  • Shipping costs will increase from the starting price according to the distance. and if customers use additional services You can check the price before actually using it on the website and applications.
  • Delivery time depends on traffic conditions and climate while on delivery process. There may be cause delivery delays.
  • Use of this code will be subject to company and service provider general terms & conditions.
  • Promotional offers cannot be combined with any other SKOOTAR promotions.